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February 10, 2019
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Rwanda travel guide, including the map of Rwanda, top Rwanda travel experiences, tips for travel in Rwanda, plus where to see gorillas and other wildlife in Rwanda

Landlocked East African Rwanda has had a troubled recent history. The scars are thankfully healing and Rwanda is firmly back on the travel map.

Known as the land of a thousand hills, Rwanda is a land of great natural beauty and a superb ecotourism destination. Most people come here to see the silverback mountain gorillas made famous by the film Gorillas in the Mist.

When you’re not tracking animals or partying in Kigali, watching Intore dancers in Virunga or trekking to volcanoes, enjoy just hanging out with the warm and friendly Rwandans themselves.

Wild Route Trips recommends

  1. Trek into the Virungas to go gorilla watching
  2. Visit the Genocide Memorial
  3. Have lunch at Nyamirambo Women’s Centre in Kigali – a full-on cultural experience
  4. Spot hippos, elephants and buffalo in Akagera National Park
  5. Go trekking in the Nyungwe Forest – epic mountain scenery and fern-fringed waterfalls

WRT tips

You’ll need a permit to go gorilla tracking in Rwanda ($1500 USD). They can sell out months in advance. You are advised to book as far ahead as you can. Tour operators can do this for you. If you’re travelling independently either ask a reliable local tour operator to help.


Travel in Rwanda: vital stats

  • The capital of Rwanda: Kigali
  • The population of Rwanda: 9 million
  • Languages in Rwanda: Kinyarwanda (official) Kiswahili, French, English
  • International dialling code in Rwanda: +250
  • Voltage in Rwanda: 230V/50Hz
  • Visas for Rwanda: Rwanda visas
  • Money in Rwanda: Rwanda Franc (RWF). US dollars are easy to exchange. Most ATMs only accept local bank cards and credit cards are rarely accepted. If you get unstuck there are Western Union offices in most main towns.
  • Rwanda travel advice: Foreign & Commonwealth Office
  • Rwanda tourism board: Rwanda Tourism

When to visit Rwanda

The main dry season is between June and September with a shorter, unpredictable one from December to early March. The dry seasons are excellent times to visit the gorillas because mosquito activity is at a minimum and the volcanic tracks can get quite muddy during the rains. October to November, when fruits ripen, is a good time to look for chimpanzees.

International airports

Kigali International Airport (KGL) – 13km from the city

Getting around Rwanda

From the central minibus station in Kigali, swarms of minibuses inexpensively ply Rwanda. There is no rail service. There are a handful of internal flights and in Kigali, there are several places where you can rent a car. This country is great for mountain bikers. You will need to bring your own bike and spares if you are not booking through a tour company.

Rwanda accommodation

Rwanda has international standard hotels in the major towns. Mid-range hotels and guesthouses are available elsewhere. Homestays are on the up and are a great way to meet local people. You will find limited campsites in Rwanda.

Rwanda food & drink

Thanks to its Belgian colonisers, Rwanda does great chips: Western-influenced restaurants often serve them with simply with chicken, steak or fish.

Local favourites include goat kebabs, bean and meat stews, chapatti, matoke (plantain) and ugali (maize porridge). The drink of choice is sweet, milky tea; popular alcoholic beverages include beer and waragi, a clear, millet-based Ugandan spirit.

Health & safety in Rwanda

Check you are up to date with vaccinations and speak to your GP about malaria prophylaxis. Don’t drink the tap water. Rwanda is relatively hassle-free and friendly.

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